Koselig is live on Kickstarter!

We are so, so excited to show you what we’ve made! ‘Koselig’ is a Norwegian-style Christmas magazine, filled with short stories, articles, recipes and crafts. If we may toot our own horn a little – it’s beautiful, too!

We’ve really tried to recreate the koselig feeling of a Norwegian Christmas in this magazine. You won’t find Santa Claus between the pages, but you’ll meet the Scandinavian nisse. The recipes include some of our favourite treats, like Amelia’s mum’s krumkake, and Amelia’s tried-and-tested Christmas cake. There are heart-warming short stories just for you, and activities and a story for the family, too.

A lot of thought and effort has gone into making the magazine lovely to look at, with hand-painted borders, illustrations and art throughout. We even have a special art edition containing prints of our favourite pieces – a perfect gift for anyone who deserves a break and a touch of koselig this Christmas.

We really hope you’ll like it!

Amelia and Nica