Our story

We are a Norwegian/British couple, obsessed with all things koselig.

Amelia grew up in Norway and has enjoyed the art of koselig all her life. When she moved to England, she quickly realised that although the British are masters of pub culture and team spirit, koselig was not a concept they knew or a feeling they prioritised.

Everyone needs a little kos, she thought, and she soon became renowned for her cosy, wholesome and comfortable dinners, parties, board game nights and candlelit reading dates.

Amelia’s wife, Nica, is British. She fell in love with koselig while falling in love with Amelia. When visiting Amelia’s family farm in Norway, she couldn’t get over the cosiness of being surrounded by quilts, candles, cinnabuns and knitted jumpers, and never being more than a stone’s throw away from nature and hiking trails.

Together, we’ve been trying to make our surroundings, evenings and events as koselig as possible.

It was Amelia’s mum who gave us the idea of koselig.art and the Christmas magazine. She is a big knitter, quilter and koselig facilitator. Whenever we visit Norway, we leave with a suitcase full of new koselig stuff she’s made us, as well as an extra pound or two of soft waffles, hot chocolate and cinnabuns.

Every Christmas, Amelia’s mum acquires a stack of julehefter – Norwegian Christmas magazines. They are beautiful, filled with literature and art, and we both adore them.

“Maybe you should make one in English,” Amelia’s mum said one year.
“Maybe,” said Amelia, too busy stuffing her face with cinnabuns to notice the idea that instantly started setting deep roots in her brain.

It took a couple of years for the idea to spring into life, but here we are: a koselig website, a super koselig Christmas magazine and a koselig book in the works, all to give you – our English-speaking friends – the art of koselig living.

With kos,
Amelia and Nica