Three Koselig Christmas magazines on top of spruce with fairy lights.

The Koselig magazine is coming!

We know, we know, Christmas is still months away, but this is something special. We’re bringing you a wonderful Norwegian tradition: a Christmas magazine.

Since the late 1800s, Norwegian publishers, organisations and charities have published julehefter – Christmas magazines. Some are special editions of famous cartoons; others are beautiful literary magazines with tear-out art prints.

We’ve spent the summer creating 90-some pages of the latter. Koselig (ko-shlee) is designed to give you a break, lower your shoulders and entertain you this Christmas. Here is the first peek of the inside pages:

A sneak peek at the insides of the Koselig Christmas magazine

Koselig contains articles about Norwegian and Scandinavian Christmas traditions, essays, short stories, craft pages, recipes and more! We’ve also collaborated with three Norwegian artists to bring you new artwork.

On Friday 1st October, you’ll be able to order a copy of the magazine on Kickstarter, where we’re crowdfunding the project. If you’d like a reminder when the campaign goes live (and a little dose of koselig in your inbox every two weeks), you can sign up to our newsletter.

We’ll also be sharing behind-the-scenes shots and sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve made!

Amelia and Nica