What is koselig?

Koselig is a Norwegian term closely related to other popular Scandinavian concepts like hygge and fika. Like hygge, koselig is a quality that can be ascribed to moments, items, situations and people. It encompasses comfort, generosity, cosiness, contentment, intimacy, friendliness and softness. It is in the small, the soft and the good things in life.

The word is an adjective, but it can also be used in its root form – kos – to mean a cuddle, a hug, or to say that something is done to have ‘a koselig time’. The root also has a verb form – kose – meaning to cuddle or to be having a koselig time.

Kos and kose can be added to almost anything to signal that it is koselig. A break with friends, coffee and a slice of cake or other treat – like fika – is kaffekos (coffee kos). A baby’s soother or comfort blanket is a koseklut (kose cloth), and if you cuddle up in the evening to read a book with a loved one, maybe with hot chocolate, you might be having kveldskos (evening kos).

Kos is fundamental to the Norwegian lifestyle and a favourite concept of most Norwegians. It is the perfect remedy against long, cold winters, and it’s why we’re among the happiest people on Earth.

At koselig.art, we want to bring you that feeling and help you incorporate more kos into your life – through this website, our projects like the Christmas magazine, and through social media like InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.